La Grande-Bretagne, il est très triste de le dire, a perdu tout respect.

​Avec la victoire du Brexit, la Grande-Bretagne a non seulement perdu un rôle, mais aussi sa dignité. Compte tenu de tous ces tourments britanniques et démonstrations de chauvinisme, la Grande-Bretagne, il est très triste de le dire, a perdu tout respect. Elle ressemble aujourd’hui à ce que nous pourrions appeler une monarchie bananière. Tout cela est extrêmement triste pour la Grande-Bretagne, pour l’Europe, pour le monde.

Jean-Pierre Lehmann, professeur Emeritus à l’IMD et expert en économie politique internationale.

Tribune de Genève

Breaking the Rhythm

After spending a day trying to take out the extra 2500 words which I added to episode 65 describing how Francesco updates his maps and move them into episode 69, thereby maintaining the rhythm of the four threads of volume 3, I have finally decided to simply insert an extra episode after 65. The integration would have had far-reaching consequences on the synchronisation of the other threads.

Currently the episodes cycle between seeing events in four situations: on the frozen earth; Sam and Trissitia coming up the time tunnel; Catriona and Danny going down the tunnel; and events in Entroilia.

This extra episode will of course break this rhythm, but that is not a serious problem. Indeed it could be regarded as desirable. This predictable cycling of situations could easily become monotonous and an element of variety and surprise is highly desirable in any creative work.

Vlog of Editing Time Crystal

I am doing what I had planned to do for some time, make a video of the writing and editing process. This was recorded at 07:22:20 on 27 June 2016, and followed an hour’s work required to make the Microsoft LifeCam Studio camera work on Windows 10.

European Union was Churchill’s antidote to war

Published on 22 Feb 2015

Winston Churchill promoted “the Union of Europe as a whole” after the Second World War. This talk by journalist Jon Danzig is related to article:

Revising Episode 65

CrystalMapForBlogI am spending many hours describing the details of how Francesco revises the crystal map on the whiteboard in episode 65. I imagine that most readers will skip over these paragraphs, but there might be somebody at some time in the future who follows these tedious details with diligent attention.

The map shown here, by the way, is not necessarily accurate!

These revisions have unfortunately increased the length of episode 65 from about 3 ½ to 5 ½ thousand words. I try to make every episode around 3000 words, since that would take about 20 minutes to read, which seems like a reasonable time for those who read just before going to sleep or go listen to podcasts.

So now I have a problem! I need to split this episode in two. But this thread is already synchronised with the other three threads in the story. So before I can divide it, I need to carefully review how that is going to impact on this synchronisation. This book is not the easiest to write. I suspect it is also going to be somewhat of a challenge read!

Profoundly touching interview with Dr David Nott


I strongly recommend you to listen to this podcast in which a surgeon who works in war zones talks about his life. Very moving and inspirational.

Disasterous Result of EU Refendum

It seems that the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Global peace and security has just taken a few steps backwards. This disaster seems to show that the people do not yet recognise the potential danger of countries withdrawing from regional cooperation. We probably need to have a few more wars in order to convince people they need to share their sovereignty with other countries.

The only reason for which David Cameron could have called this unnecessary and stupid referendum was to defeat UKIP. The disaster is clearly his fault, but we must all take the consequences.

For considered responses see The Conversation.

Big Iftar at Coventry Cathedral


I attended this multi-faith event at Coventry Cathedral last night and was able to tell several heads of faith about Coventry Peace Day which I will be organising on 21 September. Only 91 days to go!

Vote to Work Together, Vote Remain

United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures.
Divided, there is little we can do – for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder.

Inaugural address John F. Kennedy delivered on Friday, January 20, 1961.