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Storyboarding using Powerpoint — 3 Comments

    • Thank you for your comment, Miss Durkin. In fact, close analysis of the situation (using aforementioned storyboard technique – very useful) proves beyond doubt that the black hole did not ACTUALLY explode: it evaporated by emitting Hawking radiation. The reason I thought it was valid to say it had exploded in earlier editions of Cosmic Monopole was because the crystal fragments appeared in the ATLAS cavern from near where the black hole evaporated, which led the characters to THINK it had exploded.

      But my new analysis has clearly shown that at that time NOBODY was alive (in the sense of having time flowing around them) and hence NOBODY would have seen the crystal emerge from the hole anyway, even if it had exploded!

      In the new edition of Cosmic Monopole (which, by the way, will have illustrations) I have changed the ten references in the text which talk about “the place where the black hole exploded” to talk about “the last place you saw the black hole”. I think this is a satisfactory solution and, as you know, I have made enormous efforts to make this story as accurate and credible and coherent as possible. I find stories which rely on unlikely co-incidences (as so many do) to be deeply unsatisfactory. I have some of these, but try to keep them to an absolute minimum.

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