hotuebookcover200x267For the past forty years my main work has centred upon telling the story of where we came from and where we might be going. The website which tells this story is History of the Universe, and there is a book with the same name.

This site has received millions of visitors over the years, and is still my most popular, often used by students to find answers for their homework.

This work is similar to the subject “Big History” which is being increasingly taught in schools and universities, although progress is slow since it requires a change in traditional thinking about teaching.

ICM-Cover-9-Front-Flattened-50pcFor the past few years I have been working on converting this story into a work of fiction, hoping to appeal to readers who are not interested in science. I call this Time Crystal.

It is a multi-volume work, and I am currently working on the third volume. In sharp contrast to the History of the Universe, this work receives very little attention.

As well as these projects, I work as a volunteer for the United Nations Association. I believe that a survey of history and the global problems currently facing the world show that strong global governance is essential if we are to move towards a safer, fairer and more sustainable future.